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Bristol Housing was chartered in 1964 by the City of Bristol TN. Over the next few years, 144 “family units” were built in different areas of the City to house low-income persons. Some of these units were later designated for the elderly & disabled. In 1971, a ten-story high-rise building (Edgemont Tower) comprised of 120 apartments was built at 100 Ash St. This facility was designated for the elderly & disabled. In 1981, another ten-story high-rise building (Ft. Shelby Tower) comprised of 108 apartments for the elderly/disabled was built at 400 Shelby St. Bristol Housing also operates a Housing Choice Voucher program which provides rental assistance for 200 very-low income families who prefer to live in the private sector.  Bristol Housing was recently awarded 10 VASH vouchers for use by homeless veterans.